While congratulating the best performing students in the Faculty of Procurement, and Logistics Management, the Dean Assoc. Prof. Sheila Namagembe warned them that with their first class degree they can be rejected if they are not disciplined.
This was during the Academic Excellence Certificate awarding ceremony that took place on April 12, 2024 at MUBS Main Campus.

She advised the students to keep a low profile, be disciplined and patient because good things await and one can not be successful if they want quick money.
To the third year students, she encouraged them to work hard and leave a good record wherever they go. To the continuing students she urged them to strive and maintain the good grades and to understand what is taught to them and put it in practice.
Meanwhile, Dr. Martha Abeja  Ekure, the Manager Students Relations in the Dean of Students’ Office, said as parents, they rejoice when the students excel and that confirms that the money they have been paying in tuition has not gone to waste.
She urged the finalists to keep the MUBS Flag high and be proud of  their Institution and encouraged them to work hard when they get into employment.

Dr. Bonny  Bagyenda
Head of Department  – Transport & Logistics  Management

At the same time, Mr. Lambert Ayebare, a Teaching Assistant in the Faculty of Procurement and Logistics Management said there is no relationship  the first class degree and the job but there is a relationship between first class degree and character.
Do not sit on your certificates, let the world know that you are good, step out of the cage of the academia, attach a good personality to the academics and always find time for God.
Similarly, Mr. Robert Kalema, a Teaching Assistant in the Faculty of Procurement and Logistic Management encouraged the students to be humble, create teamwork and network and also to be ready to learn since the best students attract attention.