Ms. Afsa Tumubwiine aka “T” a MUBS student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Tumubwiine and CEO of Body On Snatched By T, an online store dealing in solution wear, started her business during the Covid- 19 lockdown in March 2020 as a desire to help fellow women feel confident. Her business is a solution wear oriented brand creating the next generation of shapewear and loungewear.

Ms. Aisha Tumubwiine

She has made an online brand as one of the most reliable sellers of waist trainers and other shapewear that have given women the ability to feel confident in their new fire bodies. “I was still playing it safe until the lockdown when I realized that I need to bring my dreams into reality. I started small, I am still small but we are growing.

While growing up, Tumubwiine has always wanted to help women feel confident and when the idea came through, she decided to put it into action.

I have always loved solution wear. As a young girl, I always searched for solution wear all the time. I asked myself how can I make my life comfortable? How can I feel confident in a cloth and of course my passion for self improvement,” She said.

Tumubwiine, says the business has helped her to start thinking outside the box and to get more creative plans to grow and expand her brand internationally. I have learnt a number of life lessons on my journey to takeover the solution wear industry.

There are so many lessons that come with a business but one of them is patience. It is a virtue in business, you have to be patient, you have to be consistent. Consistency is key in life,

in relationships, in business and in every sector of life. While running her fast growing business, Tumubwiine has met a number of challenges but they have not deterred her from focusing on the prize. The business-minded scholar is challenged by anxiety,negativity, as well as self sabotage.