Financial Literacy for Young Adults

I guess the biggest question is WHY? As children, we learn by modelling what our parents and other influential people in our lives do. I have had a pretty awesome life if I must say. Given a lot of chances to grow up as an [...]

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Investigate how Family Businesses can survive Conflict

Dr. Barbara Ofwono, the founder of Victorious Education Services Dr. Barbara Ofwono, the founder of Victorious Education Services and Chairperson Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association has advised family business owners to put in place systems to manage conflict and ensure continuity of the business after the [...]

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Review the education system: Prof. Balunywa

The Principal, Prof. Waswa Balunywa, has stressed the need to review the country’s education sector because it has been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and which calls for a paradigm shift in the planning for the sector. He also called upon Government to support [...]

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Government should involve economists in finding solutions to Covid-19

The Head of the Economics Department at Makerere University Business School Dr. Ronett Atukunda, has asked Government to involve economists in seeking solutions to combat the economic and social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Uganda. Dr. Atukunda, explained that sometimes government’s economic and [...]

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Covid-19 funding lessons from hurricane Sandy

Prof. Vincent Bagire Deputy Dean Faculty Of Graduate Studies and research Hurricane Sandy was the deadliest, the most destructive, and the strongest hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. The storm inflicted nearly $70 billion in damage and killed 233 people across eight countries [...]

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Creating wealth through investing

Do not just invest in something because your friend is making a lot of money from it. They may not be telling you all the bad things about it.Do market research about the cost of entry, your customers who will help you keep in business and competition” What comes to your mind when someone says investor? You probably imagine someone with a [...]

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The actual cost of wanting to impress society

When you have just graduated from university, the expectation is to find a job, get married and have some kids. There is already that pressure from society on you as a young adult. Aside from that, there is peer and social media pressure. FOMO; the [...]

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