Productivity growth: Drivers, global trends, and some lessons for Uganda

Dr. Marios Obwona, an Advisor, at the National Planning Authority says a country's ability to improve its standards of living over time depends almost entirely on its ability to raise its productivity. He also said agriculture is the backbone of Uganda’s economy, employing [...]

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Students tipped on strategies for effective job interviews

MUBS is interested in preparing its students for the world as change agents, unique employees, great entrepreneurs and great leaders. On February 14, 2024 the School Registrar's Office together with the Career and Skills Development Centre kicked off the Skills Development Program to guide students [...]

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Congratulations upon Milestones achieved in 2023

Regarding Research, Publications and Innovations at MUBS, we thank the Government of Uganda, Mak-RIF and other Organisations for the research funds extended to us. These funds have transformed MUBS tremendously. MUBS Management, council, Staff and participants at the 27th MUBS Annual [...]

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I commend you all for your dedication and incredible work

As we start 2024, I encourage you all to stay determined, focus on progress, value your accomplishments and use them as motivation to work harder and perform even better. Happy New Year colleagues. I am excited to be working with you all in my new [...]

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May this new year 2024 bring you renewed hope

I encourage each of you to take a moment to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, both personal and professional. Celebrate the milestones, no matt er how small, and use them as stepping stones toward future success. Dear Faculty, Staff , and [...]

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Thank You for your Hard work and Dedication in 2023

Dear students and MUBS community happy new year. We thank God for the gift of knowledge we are sharing at this great institution. Let us begin the New Year with enthusiasm to acquiring more knowledge that will make us better people in this [...]

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Saving is easier when you plan

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” Saving should be a deliberate and planned action, treated as a non-negotiable commitment rather than an after thought. This perspective aligns with the idea of “paying yourself first,” ensuring that [...]

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Thank You for your Hard work and Dedication in 2023

I urge you all to continue actively participating in our activities, bring novel suggestions and deliver your best. The year 2023 ended, I take this opportunity to thank you all of your hard work and dedication to the Faculty of Management and the School. The [...]

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Bid Notice : Furniture for MUBS Offices (PHD Staff Offices and Administrative Offices

Makerere University Business School invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for : Supply of Furniture for MUBS Offices (PHD Staff Offices and Administrative Offices) ... read more

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