Mr. Abdulnoor Kawooya

“Children are our future and we must take good care of them”, said Mr. Abdulnoor Kawoya a Lecturer at MUBS Jinja Campus, on July 02, 2021,during the online session organized by the Corporate Muslims Association (CMA). Mr. Kawooya, called upon the children to obey their parents emphasizing that it is a commandment from God. Love you parents for who they are and the parents pray for your children, be open and kind to them it instills discipline and gives them direction. He encouraged fathers to maintain love at home to shape children’s behavior as they grow and to be responsible citizens. It is mandatory for parents to love their children. “No one will love your children better than you. I challenge you parents to teach your children good etiquette in eating, drinking, sleeping, among others. If they grow up with such character, they will benefit you as the parent, society and the nation at large.