Through these organisations, the School has launched centres to enhance these collaborations and among them is the Climate Finance and Sustainability Centre. In 2023 MUBS also received several awards for their impact in Society and the country at large and among these awards included the award from the Minister of Disability Affairs Hon. Asamo Hellen Grace as NUDIPU marked 36 years of existence that recognised MUBS as an Inclusive community for people with disabilities. As the Students being the centre piece of the Institution, we have been able to run all Students activities diligently and successfully and these activities include the 2023 Guild elections, Course works and Final Examinations, Freshers Orientation and Freshers ball, Guild handover, Students sports activities, among others. The students also represented the School in various activities including participating at the Inter-university games, winning three trophies in the Woodball Open International woodball Championship, wining a medal during the Scrabble Competitions, among others. Through Innovations the Students under Students of Information Communication Association (SICA), invented an Online Voting system, and also invented an online MUBS Students TV

MUBS Students took part in Guild campaigns, sports and various workshops