” Each sector of administration poses different challenges, so in that way counselling becomes a proactive human resource initiative for any organizations to thrive.” noted Ms. Evelyn Namatovu, Jinja Campus Counselor while students launched the Human Resource Association at Jinja Campus.
Ms. Namatovu noted that counselling is an effective and more preventive managementnstrategy for organizations to help employees better manage stress, personal issues or work-related problems.
She further said that in the present highly complex environment, employee counselling has become a very important aspect of the Human Resource department especially in career planning and development, performance and stress management together with other areas which may affect employees emotionally. In the organization context it’s sort of discussion with the employee about a problem that comes with emotional content to help him/ her cope in a better way.
Ms. Namatovu urged students to pertinently focus on assisting the School to explore and understand better their needs, feelings, values, attitudes, strength and weaknesses if school must thrive.