“All of us handle students, we must understand their nature. Students want to be perceived to be on top and this is a problem with this generation. And this is more in an academic institution, where pride is part of the equation.

Prof. Moses Muhwezi

So we must handle them as such,” noted, Deputy Principal Prof. Moses Muhwezi while addressing staff at the second day session of the Customer Care training.

The Human Resource Directorate has arranged a series of Online trainings for staff in customer care intended to improve service delivery in the institution. Prof. Muhwezi thanked the staff for serving the School diligently and urged them to always acquire knowledge. This is why the lawyers speak and we listen and actually believe them even when it is not the optimal decision. This is because they tend to have more knowledge.

Prof. Muhwezi also noted that, if you discover, it is lack of customer care that causes unrest in these institutions especially for students then its better to address it. Many times I have managed planned strikes by talking to the students and explaining reality to them in a respectable and presentable way. We must do this in our departments and faculties. Many times you can win an argument by pulling back from the argument, why must you win an argument, by pulling out, you have actually won. You should not grow small because of a problem you can avoid. And this is customer care, you need a skill to know when to pull out of an argument with a student, colleague or parent in order to keep the situation calm and move on.

Prof. Muhwezi further asked the staff to leverage on customer care to make MUBS an interesting place, to groom future spokes men and women who will sell MUBS to general public. It is much easier to get people within MUBS to market the institution than creating them from strangers outside MUBS. Because we are the ones benefiting from MUBS, we should be able to market it and make it work for us, for it puts bread on our table every month.