The Principal Prof. Waswa Balunywa said the Government of Uganda has agreed to pay Shs.4.9bn to the Person-To-Holder staff according to a communication they made in their letter of September 1, 2020. “I would like to thank Makerere University Business School Academic Staff Association, (MUBASA) Executive for the effort they have put into this struggle”, he commended.

Prof. Balunywa explained that; since last year, this money had been expectedand unfortunately it had not come. Last month we were made aware that the Shs.4.9bn had been included in our next year’s budget FY2021/22. However, about 10 days ago, we received information that the Shs.4.9bn would be released for this financial year which ends on June 30, 2021 and last week on Thursday, the money was received on our account.

He further made it clear that, on receipt of the information that the money will be in next years’ financial budget, I requested the MUBASA Executive to work with the Human Resource Directorate on how the July salaries will look like taking into consideration the Shs.4.9bn. I believe that they had done this. However when the Shs.4.9bn appeared in this FY2020/21, it was clear that it was intended for arrears for this year. We have met with the MUBASA Executives and we have agreed on a number of issues.

I am now writing to allay the fears and anxieties of staff which I have heard and noted in various staff correspondences about the distribution of Shs.4.9bn that has hit our account. As I write, I do not have the details of the final position and hence cannot communicate it. However, on Monday, June 7, 2021, I should be able to communicate the exact details.

I have noted that the Chairman has requested that I do the actual communication which I am doing and will do and take responsibility for too.

I wish to urge you to exercise restraint in making conclusions about the distribution of the money without the facts. Just know that the money is on our account and will be paid as arrears based on the analysis, recommendations and agreement of your leaders.

Again let me urge you to exercise restraints in the various comments that you make and wait for the communication early next week and the money to be on your accounts as soon as possible in the coming week once it has been processed.