“Like many things in this fast changing world, feel free to flex things around till you find what really works for you. Good luck ” !

Working from home has become a way of life. It is a reality where employees working for the private and government sector are both staying home, while also striving to remain productive.

Hamidah Babirye, Nsereko-PhD
Deputy Director, Office of the Principal

Notwithstanding the other occupants in the house including children, spouses, the house helps and extended family. Now more than ever, you have got to make the situation work in your favour.

Here are some tips on how:

1. Have a positive attitude

You could be there wondering why the sudden presidential directives. Why weren’t you warned earlier? Why me? Stop it. You are right here, right now. Instead, appreciate the additional time with family and loved ones, flexible work schedule and that you are alive and healthy.

2. Use social media in moderation

There are so many social media sites out there and it is very tempting to spend all your time online. However, much as it boosts online business, research and social connections, it bears a lot of negativity and wrong information which can cause depression. So, use it well.

3. Wake up early

Even in a lockdown, try to wake up early and prepare yourself. Clean yourself up, pray, make your bed, clean your room. Basically, wake up early with a purpose.

4. Dress the part

The positivity of your thoughts can be heightened by the way you dress. It’s imperative that you dress smartly even when at home, so that you are pushed into the mood to work.

5. Create your own work space

Find somewhere within the confines of your home environment where you can isolate yourself to think, plan and work. It could be a corner in your bedroom, a shade in your garden or compound, or a desk in your kitchen. Make it comfortable and workable for you.

6. Create a routine that works for you

You can do this by mirroring some aspects of your office routine. There some fixed aspects such as waking up, cleaning up, prayer and meals. Are you more productive during the morning hours, afternoon or night? In that case, you could dedicate 2-3 hours of uninterrupted time to work on planned office activities and assignments.

7. Explain yourself

This is last, but definitely not least. Most grownups understand working from home and how important it is, but not children. Children need to be informed about why you should have 2 hours to yourself, in a corner away from them. They want to play with you, they want you near and they want to tell you about their feelings. So you need to explain yourself in a simple language that they understand. Tell them that they should respect your space and routine.