Continued from March Issue 2024

Babies and young children need special care during hot weather because they are less able to cope with extreme changes in temp;
Never leave children and babies in cars even when you think it will be for a short period of time. Offer additional breast- or bottlefeeding to babies during hot weather and encourage children to drink regularly.
During hot weather, dress babies and children in light, loose-fitting clothing or leave them in only diapers. People working or exercising outdoors in extreme heat;
Working and exercising in the heat elevates the risk of heat related-health problems. For people outdoors during hot weather;

Where possible, cancel outdoor work or heavy exercise or reschedule for a cooler day. Plan essential activities for the coolest part of the day. Rest breaks should be taken more often and for longer when possible. Shade and any natural air movement should be provided where possible. Place Air-conditioning in the rooms to regulate the temperature.
Outdoor misting fans, if available, can reduce air temperature and help cool the body.
Last but not least, take care of the environment by planting trees and protecting wetland and water bodies as this is the only way to prevent global warming which leads to the soaring in temperatures.