On October 10, 2023, the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) awarded grants to five out of fifteen companies through UCUSAF e-Booster Program. The eBooster program is funded by the Uganda Communications Commission and implemented by MUBS led by Prof. Ernest Abaho.
The selected companies will be supported to provide to ICT solutions for the unserved and underserved communities and sectors in Uganda, to refine their business models to cater for underserved and unserved market, to creatively utilize ICT applications to address societal issues through their solutions.
The companies that received grants were: Voyage Technologies (sh350m) Cinnamon Solutions (sh349m), Feast Consultants International Limited (sh349m), Suzie Water Harvesting Limited (sh287m) and Info-sec Technologies (sh350m).
MUBS Ag. Principal Prof. Moses Muhwezi, thanked UCC for partnering with MUBS to transfer knowledge to the public and also thanked Prof. Ernest Abaho for the remarkable progress from the start up to the commissioning of grants.
Prof. Muhwezi urged the winners not only to apply their skills in urban centres but also go back to the rural area and transfer this knowledge to make innovation that will add value to these areas. These innovations are for all citizens, and it is our responsibility to ensure they benefit everyone, to bridge the economic divide and the world is evolving at a high speed, so we need to keep up.
He also encouraged the companies to be ethical and accountable through the implementation of the project. Ms. Irene Kaggwa, the Ag. Executive Director UCC thanked MUBS for their dedication towards implementing this project.
Ms. Kaggwa cautioned the winners to use the money for the intended purpose in order not to cheat the development of the country. “Use technology to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.”