Staff and Students at MUBS Mbale Campus, during the Career Guidance Drive in Soroti City

On March 02, 2024, the Marketing and Management Department at MUBS Mbale Regional Campus organized an extensive marketing campaign in Soroti City in Eastern Region of Uganda and various schools.
This was to create awareness of the Academic programmes offered at Mbale Regional Campus. The initiative also sought to create stronger connections with the community and amplify the visibility of educational opportunities offered by the Institution.
Led by the Head of Department Marketing Ms. Faith Kadondi, and supported by a dedicated team comprising Mr. Mulocho Eric, Ms. Namataka Valeria, Mr. Sajjabi Bruno, Ms. Aketch Susan, and Catherine and the students visited secondary schools in Soroti where they had Career Guidance Sessions.

These sessions served as interactive platforms where participants explained on the various academic programmes, admission procedures, and career prospects available at MUBS Mbale Regional Campus.

By fostering direct dialogue, these sessions fostered trust and transparency, enabling prospective students to make informed decisions regarding their academic pursuits. Furthermore, the distribution of designed flyers served as tangible reminders of the Institution’s presence and offerings.
Beyond merely disseminating information, the campaign underscored the Campus’ commitment to community engagement and social responsibility.