For sometime I have been pondering on what it takes to go to the next level! I have learnt that; every level in life will demand a different person.

Be it at personal, spiritual or professional level, life can roll into roller coasters of events such as; Love, Losses, Successes, and many Failures but most certainly, a lot of Learning.

Sometimes it may take being broken, betrayed or disappointed to become the NEW version of yourself, and this is what pushes you to work hard to move to the next level.

Ms.  Erina Najjingo,

No one gets to the next level with the same effort and intensity they currently have. You must pay the price or expect to remain the same.

All people love to get to the next level, it is an insatiable desire to improve things, to have better relationships, make more money, look better physically, advance in career, and get better jobs.

However, to most people things seem to go on just as they always, day after day, the big question is Why do we struggle to rise to the next level?

We fail because, at times people think they can move forward without fundamentally changing the person they are, they are not willing to become the type of person they desire to become. For example, you want a promotion, but your work style does not prove it!

The hard truth is, you must change, If your dream is to move from where you to the next level, start doing things differently, how? Start to think differently, most of us think that our lives will get better with the passage of time. NO, the passage of time only makes us older. Things get better when we choose to take action to make life better.

Let us take an example, in marriage. If you want a better marriage, you must be ready to listen more, serve more, and encourage more, make time to be with your spouse and find things that you can both work on together.

In case of an offense, choose to forgive, choose to be faithful to build the foundation of trust. When all these are done, over time you will get to the next level in your marriage and if not done, your marriage will stay at the level or get worse.

This is true for any other area of life.

Secondly you must Feel differently; being emotional beings our actions come from our feelings. For instance, when explaining to someone why you failed to do what you promised to do, most of us have said, “I just did not feel like it.” This means our decisions are based on our emotions, therefore,for better or for worse If you must go to the next level, you must learn to create the right emotions to fuel the right actions.

Find time to review what you want out of life every morning. Do not let a day pass by without thinking about your preferred future. This picture of the future fuels your daily choices.

If your future is to become a reality, pray about it every day, do daily exercises, listen to motivational speeches to create strong emotions and fuel the necessary feelings. Sometimes, envisioning your dreams not becoming a reality is enough to push you.

Finally commit differently, most of us think we are committed, but we are not. People who are committed keep a noticeably different schedules. Getting to the next level requires an extraordinary amount of work and time. No one gets to the next level with the same effort and intensity they currently have. You must pay the price or expect to remain the same.