Organized under the theme; “Rethinking collective action and innovative solutions to water, environment, and climate change crisis in Uganda”, On March 11, 2024, MUBS Mbale Regional Campus participate in the Water and Environment Week. The initiative was organized by the Ministry of Water and Environment Eastern Region with the aim of raising awareness and catalyzing action on pressing environmental issues.
With a primary focus on sensitization, health, hygiene,  and climate change advocacy, the Water and Environment Week serves as a vital platform for educational outreach and community engagement.
The involvement of Mbale Campus in the Water and Environment Week underscores the significance of collaboration and collective action in addressing environmental challenges. Through collaboration with other stakeholders, the Campus community demonstrates its unwavering commitment to shaping a more sustainable future for all. Together, let us harness the momentum generated by the Water and Environment Week to drive meaningful progress towards a healthier, more sustainable world.