Parents need to realize that parenting is not about dominating the child and making them into what you want them to be. Instead, parenting involves nurturing, guiding, and supporting children to help them grow into confident, compassionate, and independent individuals.
The child’s dreams and ambitions may not align with what you have planned out for them, make peace with that without thinking the child has failed in life or has settled for less.
From my little experience, I have learnt that having an open and honest conversation with the child about their dreams, aspirations and why they are important to them is  crucial. Parents need to understand the child’s passion and what drives them. Reflect on your expectations for the child. Evaluate whether your expectations are truly in the best interest of the child.
Regardless of whether your child’s dreams align with your plans, show the child that you love and support them unconditionally. Encouraging them will help boost their self esteem and confidence.
Guide and help the child to understand the challenges and potential risks involved in pursuing their passions. Give advise and resources and avoid as much as possible, to control their decisions. Allow the child to learn and grow through their own experiences. Where you have concerns about your child’s career path, seek guidance from professionals or mentors to offer insight into the industry or career field the child is interested in to make informed decisions. Advise the child to have plan B that can provide security and stability while they pursue their dreams. Every child is different, and their dreams might lead them on a unique path. Acknowledge their individuality and encourage them to pursue what truly makes them happy and fulfilled, even if it differs from your original plans.

Remember, your goal as a parent is to support your child’s growth, happiness, and well-being. Through open communication, understanding, and support, you are helping the child pursue their dreams while nurturing a healthy parent-child relationship.