Uncertainty is all around us, be it at individual level, family level, institutional level and even at a global level and as individuals we tolerate the occurrence of uncertainty in different ways.

As we juggle through life and everyday activities, we plan out how our lives should run. However, there is little in our lives that is constant and there are always uncertainties that happen, because what lies ahead of us is not known which makes life filled with worries and risks. The uncertainties may include sickness, death, financial constraints, loss of a job, loss of a loved one, global pandemics, among others. Uncertainty is all around us, be it at individual, family, institutional and at a global level. When uncertainty occurs, it can leave you feeling stressed, anxious, powerless, can drain you emotionally and trap you in a thought of endless “what-ifs” and worst-case scenarios about what tomorrow may bring. While we may not want to acknowledge it, uncertainty is a natural and unavoidable part of life.

Uncertainty as it is defined, it is not in any human control, however you can control how your mind deals with such circumstances.

Different people deal with emotions differently, and I would like to share with us a few tips that can help one overcome the fear of the unknown; Constantly deal with your emotions, when you are going through a hard situation, denying your self a chance to face it or constantly hiding under a brave face, will drain you. But allowing yourself to experience uncertainty with acceptance, reduces stress. So the trick is; come to terms with the circumstances, find courage and peace to deal with it. Focus on controlling those things that are under your control. For example one cannot control things like death and sickness, but you can control how much it can drain you by putting up measures like buying health insurance which will help you go through that period with ease.

Uncertainty as it is defined, it is not in any humans control however you can control how your mind deals with such circumstances.

Let go of the things that cause you anxiety, things that constantly worry you, things that remind you of the past uncertainties or losses that you have faced and shift your thoughts to the positive achievements you have had in life. And of course, live in a present moment of joy at your hand, eat a healthy meal, exercise regularly, spend time with the right people who inspire you positively, get plenty of sleep, take trips to places you desire most, or you have never been to and consistently meditate, upon things that help you move forward.

Ms. Babra Owomugisha