Staff advised to receive COVID-19 treatment from Government Hospitals

In a virtual meeting with the Administrative staff, held on Wednesday June 23, 2021 the Principal Prof. Waswa Balunywa advised staff who are COVID-19 patients to access treatment from government hospitals. “

We need to go to government facilities. In case someone has covid-19, the Principal should be informed and the health center then we shall advise on how to proceed”, he advised.

He said medical refund will be given to all staff who are receiving medication at government facilities on the advice of the health committee.

He also informed the staff that the MUBS Health Center facilities were extended to Kamya house to improve services delivery and also to take care of some the covid-19 patients.

The extension is intended to serve as an isolation facility for staff with initial symptoms. He also urged staff to support each other in this trying moment as some were depressed and need support at home. The School has recruited services of more counselors to help staff who are going through difficulties. The Principal asked the Supervisors to check with their staff and identify those who need support.

He said staff should continue working from home instead of being idle. It is time to re evaluate if we need all the staff we have in the School, since some people have not been productive at all since the outbreak of covid-19 in 2020.

He said technology has rendered some people redundant such as Accountants, therefore people needed to devise ways of staying relevant in the work place. About Administrative staff who have not been promoted for a long time, the Principal explained that the School has no money to promote them and for some, no position.

He mentioned about the seventy (70) support staff who have graduated with bachelor’s degrees, but no positions yet some were interviewed and passed the interviews. So he wondered if the staff development plan needs to be changed, otherwise people complain to him but his hands are tied. He mentioned someone in the library who has not been promoted for 10 years, attributing the incidence to poor performance or lack of a position.