On June 6, 2021,the Principal Prof. Waswa Balunywa advised all staff to stay at home except the essential staff, after receiving information that students were falling sick in their hostels.

The essential staff include; security officers, staff at the Health Centre, some staff from the Directorate of Human Resource and Bursar’s Office.

This action came in before government announced the second lock down on June 7, 2021.

In his communication, Prof. Balunywa said, “we have reports of students falling sick in hostels and as you may note from Social Media. We have been to the hostels establishing what is on the ground. Right now as I write, a team is inspecting several hostels. We have agreed to work with Hostel owners and the Guild to get facts and together find solutions. If it is established that there are COVID-19 cases, it would be out of our ability to handle. If there is no stabilization of the situation, we may have to delay the examinations so as to safeguard the health of both students and staff.

I urge you to stay home unless if you have to be at the Campus. All Heads of Units please ensure you are in touch with your staff to monitor our general health status. As a community, we must renew our vigilance in the fight to keep Covid-19 at bay.

Heads of Unit should indicate who should be in office as we observe the trend of the pandemic. The precautions were intended to ensure that Covid-19 does not over spread among the MUBS community. It is much better to prevent the disease than to suffer with its consequences.

Please stay and work from home and do not visit the School premises unless it is inevitable. Avoid crowded places, but if you must do so, wear your face mask properly,” he advised.