A family in Bukedea district isolated its own child and subjected him to bush selfisolation as a measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

On June 7, 2021, President Museveni closed all education institutions and ordered all students to go back to their homes for 42 days.

When a one Simon Odeke who happens to be a student at MUBS, returned to his family home, he faced it rough when he was refused to reach home and mixing with his relatives due to the fear of him having contracted the virus.

One of his family members who preferred anonymity said that the family decided to confine the suspect in the bush for fear of spreading the virus to other family members. When the family discovered that he had signs of the virus, they agreed to isolate him in the bush.

He also accepted since his body was not normal. He was being treated in the bush where he was provided with everything including food.

His test samples were later picked by the district task force to confirm whether he is negative or positive.

In the bush, the isolated student had already ventured into charcoal burning for fitness as he waited for COVID-19 results.

The residents of Odeke’s village suggested that the Government would have tested students in the schools and isolated those who were found infected within the schools other than releasing infections to the communities which is now causing them problems.

Rendering to Mr. Geoffrey Okiswa, the Bukedea Resident District Commissioner (RDC) who also doubles as head of Bukedea COVID-19 task force, they lack an isolation center for suspected cases but they are working hard to reach out to people in the community to educate them on the dangers of the virus.

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