The closure of Universities during the COVID-19 lockdown has got a number of student to think innovative as they make handcrafts and other vocational skill business. Adongo, a finalist at MUBS and Apio, a third year student at Kyambogo University are making daddies and crocheting.

Around the beginning of June this year, our mother gave us some business ideas and capital,” Apio, who is pursuing a Bachelors’ Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, says. We chose daddies because it was not new to us. We always did daddies for home consumption but not to the business standard. All we needed was to perfect the skill.” Apio added that their aunt enticed them with her delicious recipe. “With my knowledge of nutrition, I was able to advance this recipe to make our daddies tastier,” she says. Adongo, who is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, narrates that towards the end of June this year, a new idea of crocheting also crossed her mind.