MUBS Staff and students during the 3rd inter University Debate

As a Business School, understanding of the economy is a key component for teaching students on how to Successfully start and run a business

The MUBS Economics Students Association in partnership with the MUBS Economic Forum organised the 3rd Inter University debate under the theme “assessing the National Development Plan (NDP)111 and the strategic direction for NDP IV in line with vision 2040”
The event that brought together students of Economics from various Universities to engage in an informative and interactive discussion was held on November 9, 2023 at MUBS Main Campus Nakawa.
During the event, the Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at National Planning Authority (NPA) Mr. Dhikusooka Gyaviira appreciated the brilliant ideas shared by university students of economics and noted that poverty is in the mind and for us to develop economically, we must bear the ideology of production so that our expenditure is less than our income as a country.
Mr. Dhikusooka encouraged the students to individually to sell something so that together we can contribute to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
He further acknowledged the fact that corruption is one of bottle necks of economic growth and highlighted various strategies that government has laid down to curb this vice and requested students to come together and support government in this quest.

Ms. Valentine Kataike, the Economic Forum Administrator noted that as a Business School, understanding of the economy is a key component for teaching students how to do successful businesses.
“The economy in which business is conducted is very dynamic therefore, as business students, you need to understand the breadth and depth of the economy to be able to appreciate the intricacies of decision making in business management.”
From the discussion, the panelists suggested that the implementers should re embark on local economic development and advocate for more elaboration about the Parish
Development Model pillars. They also advised economists to be involved at all stages of planning and implementation so that policy makers implement what economists approve.