MUBS students who stayed in their hostels during the second lockdown have been supplied food and other items from the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE).

A total of 282 students stayed in their hostels since June 2021 when the second lockdown was announced by the President.

Deputy Principal Prof Moses Muhwezi, appreciated FAWE for responding to the School’s outcry. He said the School was aware of the students’ needs, as it was brought to management’s attention by the students’ leaders.

“I Know students want to stay in Kampala during the holiday because they do not want to dig, but this time they have had a challenging time and I guess they have come to appreciate that village life is better than town life.

FAWE and the MUBS Women’s Forum, whose activities are coordinated under the MUBS Career and Skills Development Centre, the School through the Forum offers scholars to FAWE to support education for the girl child.

Addressing students, FAWE Chief Executive Officer,Suzan Tumusime Okot, said that FAWE’s mandate is to champion girl’s education by fighting all aspects that prohibit girls from completing their education.

The Guild President H.E. Robinson Ogwang explained some students were unable to go back home because they had contracted the virus and feared to spread it to their families so they decided to stay in their hostels.

HE. Patience Nuwenyine, the Guild Vice President said, “Some students had to shift from their hostel and started staying like four in one room. They could share meals and this was usually done once. It has been rough for the female students because many could not even afford to buy sanitary towels”.

The students’ leadership identified a total of 75 students who were in dire need were given the items.

The relief items included sugar, rice, soap, and sanitary towels for the girls. “We call upon other organisations to come and rescue the students. We have over 100 students that are still in need,” said, Ogwang.