MUBS is interested in preparing its students for the world as change agents, unique employees, great entrepreneurs and great leaders. On February 14, 2024 the School Registrar’s Office together with the Career and Skills Development Centre kicked off the Skills Development Program to guide students in their final year of study on how they can effectively prepare themselves for the competitive job market in the world.

Ms. Yunia Musasizi

The Skills Development Program is run by the Career and Skills Development Centre with the aim to prepare students as they transit from an academic to an employment world. The well-attended event aimed at ushering finalist into the world of work as well as providing a platform for students to understand the employment trends in Uganda and beyond. The Head of Department Business Communication Ms. Yunia Musasizi Alele, took the students through strategies for effective job interviews, emphasizing researching the company, dressing decently, avoiding distractions, not criticizing previous employers, demonstrating ability to communicate, asking and answering questions.

She also shared the importance of comprehensive academic transcripts, and the need for English and mathematics skills in career advancement. Ms. Musasizi emphasized the significance of being mindful and proactive in professional environment, meeting job requirements, and presentation Students tipped on strategies for effective job interviews Ms. Yunia Musasizi during interviews. She also emphasized the need for candidates to demonstrate job knowledge in various areas such as accounting, business law, finance, and communication. She cautioned students no to use someone as their referee without permission.