2nd R; Dr. Tonny Devine, 4th R; Ms. Reggis Namuddu, 5th R; Dr. Joshua Mugambwa together with Stakeholder after the workshop

On October 30-31, 2023, the Faculty of Management together with the MUBS Leadership Centre in conjunction with the Global Peace Foundation organised a two day workshop on Visualizing the purpose and the future of Education in the Global South towards 2050

The purpose of this workshop wasto discuss “shaping a purposeful future together through transformative education.”
The workshop aimed at training participants on holistic, transformative education process, visualizing the purpose and the future of education and to deliver a holistic education through moral and Innovative leadership of inspectors, managers, educators, parents and development partners.
The Chief Facilitator, Dr. Tonny Devine, the Vice President Education at Global Peace Foundation says corruption is a country killer, and no investor will invest in a corrupt country. Therefore, it is important to transform ourselves first, if we are to transform our systems.
We need a generational mindset to visualize externally on how the world of education is likely to shift between now and 2050.
Dr. Devine discouraged schools that force their students to just cram what is taught in class, saying it is no longer relevant and sustainable.
Meanwhile, the Principal Education Officer at the Ministry of Education and Sports Dr. Ronald Ddungu who represented the Permanent Secretary, noted that the country is on the transformative journey to change the education system. The new lower secondary curriculum has already changed and many other things are being done in a phased manner to show a clear direction.
He emphasized the need for more training of teachers and called upon practitioners to join hands with the Ministry for the success of the transformative education system.

The Dean Faculty of Management Dr. Joshua Mugambwa stated that globalization is changing the aspects of life frequently yet unemployment levels keep on increasing every day, so it is important that students are prepared to fit in the changing world of work.
It was agreed that; the education system must be able to produce employable graduates who are holistic, with soft and hard skills, intelligent with values, honesty, God fearing and can work under limited supervision, has a positive attitude towards life and work, gender responsive and cares for the environment.