Career disruptions and the future of work

“The world is becoming a faster changing and more turbulent place for organizations and the necessity to adapt has never been greater” Jacob Morgan It is being reported that the Corona virus is the biggest disruptor the world has ever seen for years. Neither the [...]

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Creating wealth through investing

Do not just invest in something because your friend is making a lot of money from it. They may not be telling you all the bad things about it.Do market research about the cost of entry, your customers who will help you keep in business and competition” What comes to your mind when someone says investor? You probably imagine someone with a [...]

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Supply chain agility – a requirement in these turbulent times

In this era of the COVID-19 pandemic, with rapid business closures, technology changes and lock-downs in various countries, it is imperative that organizations maintain agile supply chains. Supply chain agility is essentially the ability of organizations to profitably deliver high quality products or services with [...]

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Catching up with the lock-down

With the pandemic and new normal that we are in, the way I live, think, plan, treat those around me, the attitude towards things had changed and many other things. Being a 22-year-old final year student. The lockdown has not been so good and has [...]

2021-08-30T16:26:29+00:00July 27, 2021|Students News|
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