The fourth solution; the vaccines

In part IV we discussed the solutions to the Coronavirus pandemic. In this part we continue with the discussion of solutions. This leads me to the fourth solution, the vaccines. Vaccines have been developed by Scientists as a means of preventing people from being infected [...]

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Blood clot and its prevention

Clotting is necessary to prevent excessive bleeding. Naturally, the body will form clots to plug any holes in the blood vessels which usually happen after accidents or trauma. Some people have a genetic condition where they can’t clot and can often bleed to death from [...]

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Bagire vs Bagiire: When a single ‘i” makes the difference”

“When a single ‘i’ differentiates our names, it may pass in administrative interactions but in computer code it would not. When I explain that my single ‘i’ reflects Bunyoro and double ‘ii’ is its cousin in Busoga friends tease [...]

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Financial Literacy for Young Adults

I guess the biggest question is WHY? As children, we learn by modelling what our parents and other influential people in our lives do. I have had a pretty awesome life if I must say. Given a lot of chances to grow up as an [...]

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Service co-creation On social media: varieties and measures among non-profit organizations

Little is known about the variations in service cocreation on social media, despite the resource integrating capabilities and co-creator roles afforded by these platforms. The gap is even more troubling in the nonprofit sector, where leveraging public interaction on social media is prevalent and vital [...]

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Students get food from FAWE Uganda

MUBS students who stayed in their hostels during the second lockdown have been supplied food and other items from the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE). A total of 282 students stayed in their hostels since June 2021 when the second lockdown was announced by [...]

2023-07-16T14:37:39+00:00August 26, 2021|Students News|

Living with disability while studying

Mr. Daniel Hirale One of the greatest challenges a person with disabilities will experience is discrimination especially from peers. Mr. Daniel Hirale a student with disability pursuing a certificate in Business administration at Jinja Campus shared his experience. “Living with disability [...]

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